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How to Maximize Your Garden Space for Urban Farming

Updated: Jul 3, 2021

Part of being a city farmer is learning how to maximize your harvest in an urban or suburban backyard where you likely have limited space with which to work.

For homeowners who enjoy outdoor entertaining and using their backyard as an additional living space, it also means learning how to maximize your garden space without allowing your garden to take over your entire yard.

Even in a small backyard, you can include both functional spaces for growing your own food and comfortable outdoor living areas for entertaining guests or enjoying time with your family.

Design with Passion

Most urban gardeners do not expect to meet all of their produce needs with their home vegetable garden but would like to grow at least some of their own food in an effort to save money, eat local, lower their environmental impact, or know exactly how their food was grown and what was used to grow it.

With this in mind, it is best to design your landscaping to allow for enough garden space to meet your needs without taking away from your ability to enjoy your backyard with your family or guests.

Of course, gardening is a healthy activity that many people enjoy as a home-based hobby, but having a productive garden does not mean that you cannot partake in other enjoyable outdoor pursuits in your yard as well.

With a bit of creative landscape design

You can turn even a small backyard into a relaxing retreat with a vegetable garden and outdoor living areas, even including things like an outdoor kitchen, a backyard movie theater or a putting green.

The key to accomplishing

this is to learn how to maximize each space to get the most out of it without cluttering up your yard or taking away from the overall visual appeal of your landscaping.

So let’s have a look at some easy ways you can maximize your garden space and still have plenty of room for patios, walkways, seating areas and other landscaping features.

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